CHANGE - the only thing constant in the universe, that ushers in development and revolutionizes living.

Change - Happening in INDIA too.

Building Construction in India is about to change!!

Welcome to QuickSpace. We are an Indian company - doing our bit to usher in a revolution with the Patented Building Construction Technology, S3C Modular Buildings (Single Cast Concrete Construction Modular Buildings). This technology promises to overcome site hassles, construction delays, and cost over-runs.

Buildings to come up in a jiffy !!.

QuickSpace is a Pioneer in the construction-manufacturing space. Its new Innovated and Patented Building Construction Technology - "S3C Modular Buildings" is paving the way for a new revolution in the construction space in India. The Technology is based on the concept of converting the conventional construction activity into manufacturing, performed within a controlled factory environment, thereby, ensuring high speed, high quality and high performance at affordable costs.

The group is setting up multiple manufacturing units across the country starting with Mumbai & Pune and eventually will expand across the country for the purpose of producing transportable-sized, pre-finished building modules for a simple Lego-block type assembly at site.


Be a thought leader in the field of infrastructure and allied technologies, and catapult the nation to the future, in a relatively short period of time


Actively participate in the Value Creation Opportunity in the Affordable Housing Sector, by employing path breaking, fast-paced building construction technology, thereby creating unprecedented value for everyone in the chain.


Emerge as a front runner in the national motive, and deliver true affordable quality homes to fellow Indians.

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